Divinity Original Sin
An isometric, single player and co-op multiplayer RPG with tactical turn based combat, featuring an innovative co-op dialog system, a highly interactive, systemic and reactive world, classless character development, and lots of choice and consequence situations. Shipped with the powerful editor the game was made with, allowing you to create your own single player and multiplayer adventures, and publish them online.
Original Sin is an effort to achieve perfection, and the effort is hard to miss.
It has the humor that Larian Studios is known for, the extensive quests with multiple endings, turn-based combat and multi-player support in a game that can just as well be played solo too. In addition it is the first Divinity game that will come with a level editor that allows players to create their own content.



A 3D RPG with oldschool roots

Divinity: Original Sin goes back to the values of memorable cRPGs: isometric, party based, turn based, gripping dialogues, choice and consequence, deep story, profound character and party development, a big interactive world filled with characters and items, systemic elements that create surprising behaviors, free exploration rather than linearity... There is only one main goal, and how you get there is completely up to you. And Divinity: Original Sin does all these things with a modern, state-of-the-art 3D representation.

Experience gripping, party and turn-based combat

Make optimal use of your action points, skills, spells, equipment, and even the environment to overcome the challenges set before you. Hire henchmen to balance out your party. See through the behaviors, and the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents. Bend combat rules to your advantage or suffer miserable defeat. And here's the kicker: if one party member stumbles upon a turn-based fight all by himself (the party does not have to stay together), the other party members are still running around in real-time. Don't wrap your brain around the implications on the time-space continuum

Play in coop multiplayer and engage in coop dialogues

Everything is more fun with a friend and so is Original Sin: drop-in, drop-out multiplayer takes care of that, both online and locally. Still, even the best of friends sometimes disagree and that's just fine: the game supports it, and encourages it. Just like in a pen and paper RPG, we allow the party members to weigh in on decisions. With our unique coop dialogue system, there is no party leader. If both heroes are close enough to a dialogue, both participate and make the final decision together. (This does mean one party member could run off and talk to people and make decisions all by himself. Yes, we support trolls.)

Social stats shape inter-player relationships

Disagreeing in cooperative dialogs doesn't just influence choice and consequence, it also shapes how well the two protagonists are compatible with one another. Every decision adds to a social stat: what do your heroes' traits tell about their affinity? Will they end up as friends and even lovers, or do they have to learn to live together out of sheer necessity?

Get your hands dirty: create your own (multiplayer) adventures and share them online

With Original Sin comes the powerful toolset used by the game's designers so that you too can make your own role playing tales, which yes, you can play together with your friends!

Unravel, a deep and epic story, set in the early days of Rivellon

Turn page after page of a thrilling, but perplexing saga. Bit by bit you'll add pieces to the puzzle until you find out what people's real motives are and what your part is in the grand mystery unfolding around you. Taking place well before Divine Divinity and The Dragon Knight Saga, Divinity: Original Sin presents you with a familiar world in another era. But don't worry, you'll still meet some familiar faces and we don't just mean Zandalor!