Music From The Divinity Universe
A very unique Divinity audio CD with remastered and remixed music from the games "Beyond Divinity" and "Divine Divinity", carefully composed by the talented Kirill Pokrovsky.
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This limited edition soundtrack was especially created for audio album release by Kirill Pokrovsky himself, hand-picking and remastering and remixing his most beloved tracks, including those tracks most loved by the fans.

Kirill Pokrovsky was twice the winner of the "Outstanding Achievement in Music" award at IGN. He is a former member of successful Russian rock formations Aria and Master.

His music encompasses many different genres, from classical through to world music and even jazz. Academically educated as a composer and a concert pianist, he has brought the fantasy music genre to a new level, using symphonic colours alongside baroque, renaissance, ambient and Celtic styles.


This album contains 24 tracks and has a total playing time of over 70 minutes.

It is available as digital purchase where you will download very high quality mp3 files (44.1KHz, stereo, 320kbit VBR encoded with LAME) or you can order a boxed version (jewel case with inlay and two page booklet).


  1. Beyond Divinity
  2. After The Great War
  3. Divine Divinity
  4. Urge For Power
  5. Key To Survival
  6. War And Peace
  7. Roads Shadowed By Green Leaves
  8. Guardian Of The Divine
  9. Warrior (Voin)
  10. Ballad Of Empty Illusions
  11. Signs Of The Elven
  12. The Forge Of Evil
  13. The Song Of The Wind
  14. Steps On The Sand
  15. No Escape, Pain And Sorrow
  16. A Fire Upon The Deep
  17. Warring Winds And Crimson Tides
  18. Celebration
  19. The Colour Of Magic
  20. Promise
  21. Stronghold Of The Orcs
  22. Suffering And Shame
  23. Hidden Masters
  24. Sacred
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